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Running in this Winter Weather

December 1, 2010
Landscape in winter

Image by filmvanalledag via Flickr

Last Friday I had the most amazing running experience. I started at about 7 am. It was still dark. It was misty and very still. It was a new run for me – from out of the village Nederhorst den Berg I ran through Nigtevecht to Vreeland and back round to Nederhorst den Berg.

It was about 22 klm – and amazing. So still. Very misty. Almost eerie – and amazing as the sun tried to break through the mist. Temperature around 3 degrees.

A little different to my experience this evening with the Bergse Runners Club. I missed the message that the training had been cancelled to dashed home, through on some clothes – three T shirts; 3/4 running lycras; jogging trousers; fleece jumper, and ate a small amount of pasta. Then added a fleece and a bobble hat and went outside. Around -7 degrees with a wind chill factor of MUCH lower.

I was not the only one who had not seen the e-mail. We were about 15 in total. Various abilities. There was definitely a buzz! We had been advised to be careful and take care if there was ice. We kept to well lit areas. The paths had been cleared so there was no ice. But the wind WAS icy. Luckily for me I am small (165 cm) and we have quite a few tall people here in The Netherlands so running behind them was helpful.

Running back was great – wind behind and exhilarating plus all the chat chat chat of people on the same plain!

I found quite a few tips for running in the cold – enjoy it too!

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