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Agh! Wet Feet! Its just about Attitude!

December 5, 2010
Share the road sign, New York City.

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The training schedule says that I have to run 20 klms this week. I need to allow around 2 hours – so when? I figured the only time was Sunday morning BEFORE church – after which we could go straight to a friend’s for lunch and unrealistic to expect to run after lunch…

SO nothing for it but to get up at just before 7am – actually, compared with week days that is a lie-in… Yesterday’s weather had been foul, very snowy, icy and cold – minus 6-8 and let’s not even think of the wind chill factor. I peeked out of the curtains. No more snow had fallen. Good.

OK so – let’s get those layers on. 3 T-shirts, finished off by a fleece. Running tights and then a pair of microfibre trousers. Then – CLEVER me! TWO pairs of socks – that should temper the cold that I felt on Friday.

A light breakfast, supplements, vitamin drink and a small bottle for on the way that will just fit in my pocket. Ready then.

Open the door – does not look too bad. Out of the drive and into the street. AGH! Its SLUSH! Its very wet and quickly penetrates my trainers. So now what – do I go back. The clock is ticking, no time. The side roads are the worst once out of those and onto the cycle track, which has previously been heavily salted (yes the cycle path is sometimes better treated – for good reason in The Netherlands – than the road) and its a little dryer.

Its also warm – oh no will I be too warm. Its definitely above freezing so I don’t need all these layers.

I am currently reading Devon Harris‘s “Keep on Pushing”. Last evening I read that “pushing is attitude”. He talks about how a positive attitude allows you to tap into your real power. So how can I turn my wet feet, warm clothes, into something positive?

As I am running under the dripping trees dropping their melting snow on me, I hardly notice the light rain. Its very refreshing. In fact its perfect as its cooling me down as well. As I start to really warm up I seem to form a sort of body central heating that feels as if its channelling warmth to my feet – which don’t feel to wet after all.

Its still dark and very still except for the noise of geese. Really noisy those geese – but that’s it really me and the geese. Oh and the sheep – who look TOTALLY relieved that the white stuff has gone and they can find their grass once more. What a great day!

Some of the slush was a bit slippery so I shortened my pace and, just as I have learned from driving skid courses, relax and feel the road under your feet. There’s no use tensing up – that’s when damage can be done.

After a couple of kilometers, I stop and do some warming up exercises. I move off again – feeling warm all over – a very comfortable temperature.

The entire run was fantastic. I had not run this particular run in full before and expected quite a few long & boring bits: out of Nederhorst den Berg in the direction of Weesp, turn right along the Provincieweg towards Hilversum, then a LONG run to ‘S Graveland to turn right, along the Natuurmonumenten and then right again to Ankeveen; through the taily part of Ankeveen, left to the Horstermeer another 3 klms to the junction to turn right back to Nederhorst den Berg.

At ‘S  Graveland I decided to run along the road. The path was too dangerous – a choice of being got by the ice or a car. As there were few cars on the road, I chose for the road. As people slowed and passed me I raised a hand to thank them. They returned the wave back – in fact I even got some friendly “peeps” – it was all very encouraging and friendly.

By the time I reached Horstermeer a few dog walkers had emerged. More friendly exchanges and with 5 klms to go I feel great. It started to rain again in the last 3 klms – home was almost in sight and, again, I was grateful for the coolness of the rain. Back into the village and the paths are trechorous so I stay on the road. There are narrow parts to slow cars down – these I used for sprint exercises – I just did not want to be caught here with a car. Ther was still very little on the road and nothing on my side for the entire time.

Then home – with 40 mins to shower & change, have a second breakfast (thanks to my wonderful husband) and get to church.

What a GREAT run!

And the moral – Adopt a Positive Attitude – oh and one pair of socks and check conditions outside for temperature & slush etc. before making a final clothing decision… what are your experiences?



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