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What to eat for running on a cold winter’s day

December 26, 2010

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A really good run of 2 hours – some 22 klms was on the agenda today. A little bit of making up for doing nothing but prepare to and eat on Christmas Day.

I was loaded down in clothing so felt a bit slow as I ran out of Nederhorst den Berg towards Vreeland. I was pleased with the thick fleece as it started to “gently hail”. The road was not too slippery but still I had to take care.

Landscape was fantastic. The snow, the trees, the birds – amazing. The last time that I took this route, firstly I did it the other way round and, secondly it was eerily misty – so there was little to see. It was fascinating to see our village from the other side of the Vecht. I was actually running parallel to the entire village so was seeing the “back” of what I would usually see if I was running in the village.

Shortly before I ran I was picking about in various nutrition books and had dipped into The China Study. Campbell & Campbell link diets high in animal protein to cancer and they also talk about the importance of sufficient vitamin D – mainly obtained from sunlight. Well I was certainly getting my dose of vitamin D today. The sky, eventually allowed the sun to come through and there was brilliant blue sky!

That said, it got me thinking. We think that we eat healthily – lots of fruit and vegetables, very little fried food (in fact we have an Aga so we mainly steam/boil & cook food in its own juices as well as cook a lot of slow food), some carbs. and often white meat – with some dark meat – especially game at this time of the year.  We also add very good supplements that are biological, natural and easily absorbed by our bodies.

That said, my husband pointed out that I went out this morning on sausage bread, bread and jam, orange juice, vitamin and other supplements, Sure2Endure and Wynrgy (a vitamin/energy drink). So is this healthy?  I also pointed out that we should add in yesterday’s turkey dinner that must still be making a contribution.

When I returned I started to look up some information on eating healthily for running. Many of the sites just cover what to eat before the race. It HAS to go beyond that – the build up is really important. There seems to be a great emphasis on the right shoes and the right running programme but it also HAS to do with the right nutritional programme.

By the way, I find essential to my recovery is a good protein shake – without this I really feel exhausted – and grumpy (I find the last fact is quite amazing & very consistent…)!

I founds several interesting sites:

Run the Planet – eating for endurance running – diet & nutrition for runners

Sports nutritionist Matt Lovell provides many nutritional tips as well as menu suggestions. I subscribe to his e-newsletter, they are often very useful.

Fuel your body with proper nutrition.  Good basics – the question is then finding the foods that contain the “good” carbs, proteins etc.

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