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Last long run before Paris Marathon!

March 25, 2011
Paris Marathon 2010, Avenue des Champs-Élysées

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Its really hotting up in the Bergse Runners Club as about 14 of us are on the home straight for the Paris Marathon.

During the weekend we were all completing our final “long run“. We were a little dispersed – Hilversum, Weesp & Gein and I was in London. My lovely husband equipped me with an HTC smart phone and I was able to clock the run that I did a couple of weeks ago with the Runkeeper application. I suspect that I could even download the route and everything  – I am not that far yet! Now I am that Far: see here!

If you remember the last run I did in 3 hours 53 min. This time it was 3 hours 41 min and it felt VERY comfortable. On the way round I chatted to a couple of runners who were preparing for the London Marathon which is a week after Paris. They proudly told me that they would run 20 miles. I ran past them at an early stage of my run in Rotherhyde.

A little further along and I wondered if I should have run with them – was I running too fast? Still it felt good so – carry on!

I had a small pressure as we were due to leave to go back home to The Netherlands at 11 am so I had a time deadline. Still in leaving the house at 6:30 am I still had plenty of time.

As I came into the final straight – my run keeper was telling me how fast per km I was running. Tricky to tell how accurate as I am not so good at the starting and stopping of the runkeeper plus the first part of my run was slow due to the fact that I run up and down steps for the Greenwich under-river path from Docklands to Greenwich.

Long story short – my run was 37 km!!! So just 5 km to add and under 4 hours is in sight  – very happy.

My focus now seems to be even more on food than I was losing weight (end 2006 I weighed 96 kilos). Even then I could not “diet” and certainly did not count calories. Runkeeper also told me that I had used more than 2,000 calories on that run. I had breakfasted, stored up with Winrgy, Sure2Endure and my secret weapon the Winrgy Shooter on the way round. It was capped off with a ProXtreme shake at the end of the run. PLUS another breakfast which included cereal, toast and a boiled egg.

With this focus on food and diet in mind I have been reading more on this topic – as well as putting the advice into practice. I recently purchased the Mag-book The Ultimate Guide to Marathon Running (sorry cannot find a website for it). It tells sensible stuff that I learned in school about a balanced diet of 1/3 Carbs, 1/3 fruit & veg, c. 1/5 protein a little more for diary and even a small amount of sweets & sugar (aren’t these also carbs?). HOWEVER for marathon training you need  to bump the carbs up to 55%, then 25% fat and 20% protein. I have noticed that my whole food consumption has gone up! Much more bread and I don’t seem to be able to get enough eggs!

The book also tells you how to calculate your carb requirement – if you run between 2 – 5 hours per week then it is:

Your weight in KG x 4 = number of grams of carb / day so for me that’s:

56 x 4 =   274 g – I think that this is about half a loaf of bread.

For 6 – 7 hours then its weight X 5 – 6 – this is more what I am currently running/ training so that’s:

320 –  386 g  I wonder what that looks like in rice, pasta, bread, potatoes – will think about this as I shop in the Sligro today!

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