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Mirror, Mirror – the Spiegelplasloop 10 K

March 28, 2011

How do you run 10K when you are preparing for a marathon? This question was nagging me as I tried to concentrate on my prayers during the service at the Old People’s Home in Nederhorst den Berg. I  had explained to them why I was in running gear and not in my Sunday best!

I skipped off as the service finished and left Joost to have coffee worth our congregation.

It seemed quite quiet – but then that’s Nederhorst and the Bergse Runners Club (BRC). It never ceases to amaze me that c. 5 mins before we run suddenly everyone arrives!

This was the 3rd time that the BRC had organised this event. It seemed to run like clockwork – everyone in their place – the organisors seemed to be calm, the First Aid people were in place, the traffic controllers were in the correct jackets (recently been renewed as I learnt at the recent local training) and there were people to help us register, give numbers and pins etc.

The room started to fill up and there was an air of excitement. My friens, Eveline, was to cycle with the Leading Lady – we joked that it would be me – although I knew a few in the club that are certainly faster.

Another friend, Theo, who I had met at the Utrecht Singel Loop and whom I had e-mailed a few days before hand to see if he would run, arrived. It was good to see him again – he has run marathons before and has provided me with a great deal of encouragement. He told me that he wanted to run in 45 mins – that’s about where I would have liked to be – I had decided to : go out” and try to achieve a Personal Best.

As we moved out to the start there was the usual mess of people – there seemed to be two starts/finishes…

Intructions re do’s and don’ts and a short introduction by the mayor  (@martijn_e_smit on Twitter for anyone that wants to follow him) – who himself is a runner and was part of the Dream Team training with Runner’s World for the Egmond Half Marathon. Unfortunately he was suffering from shin sprints so could not join us today.

In no time we were turning round to the start and Martijn fired the strating gun and we were off – and I was at the back!

Blast it! Talk about not on the ball. I wiggled my way past folk. I could see Eveline with her yellow fluorescent vest up ahead. I was not even in touch!

It felt a bit panicky so calm calm… I tried ot find my pace. I could feel myself being pulled along. I wanted to set my own pace – but I did not want to be slow…

The terrain was very familiar I had run round the lake  – the Spiegelplas – in Nederhorst many times. In places there are beaches and I have also done some beach training along these. Today there was none of that – we were running on the path around the lake.

Finish line Spiegelplasloop

Faster, Faster - the end in sight!

After 3 – 4  k in, Theo caught me up. Good. I had completely lost him at the start and wanted to run with him – so solved! We ran and chatted and chatted and ran. There was quite a fresh wind coming off the lake. I anticipated that, where it was more open (on the boring straight bit by the side of the road), it would be more windy.

The sun kicked in and it was quite warm. I was glad of my last minute shorts choice (yes I had them with me  – there are some lines to draw to attend church!). As we entered the village and crossed the road to run on the right so that we would have a straight run to the shoe shop, where we would cross at the traffic lights before heading towards the last stretch – I started to feel my legs. I still had not really found MY pace. I suppose that if I wanted to run faster than I had done before there has to be a new “my pace”.

Some of the men around me were going faster  – including Theo! Go I said – see you soon!

Again I tried to find my pace. Eveline was a little further ahead 0 so maybe MY pace was just not good enough and I need to find a new one (at least fo 10K!).

As we looped back towards the Spiegelplas, I caught site of an orange T-shirt  – still some way behind me – but never-the-less need to be careful…

I started to give a bit more gas as we ran back along the Spiegelplas. Some encouarging shouts – of you are the second lady – she is in sight go! I tried – boy this was uncomfortable – keep going!

I realised that instead of finishing left I had to run round a small “lake-ette” – agh! Keep on going – there must be a sprint here somewhere!!

Hah! there is was! the finish! push push – sprint! The clock – 45,43 – yes! a PB and second – fab!

Thanks to the BRC for great organisation and congratulations to Annemieke den Admirant for coming first and to Karien Guinée (3rd) for providing me with the incentive to keep going! As well as Theo…

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