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Tapering before Paris Marathon with East End Gentlemen

April 5, 2011
University of Greenwich from Isle of Dogs

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It was very strange not to be running a long run in London. Yet I had to do something. Not supposed to be running far so how would I control how far I ran. I am so used to just running and running I rather feared that I would not be able to stop.

I also wanted to practice using my Runkeeper so that was a good excuse to run. I figured out that a “rondje Isle of Dogs” would be about 8 – 9 km – that’s allowed according to the training scheme.

Picked up marathon pace – 5,30 – 5,40 and off I trotted. It was really exhilarating. The view of Greenwich, a little further round – a bit messy but the eye in sight and then passed Billingsgate Market. Across Canada Square to the “other side” – LOTS of oarsmen out. Later that day it would be the Heads of River so I guess that they were on the river early to train.

Just at the beginning of this part of the run I past a man in a motorised chair. He had a large black dog trotting along just in front of him. “Good morning” I said, “good morning my dear, don’t worry she won’t hurt you” he said in an East End accent. What a gentleman I thought.

There is another messy bit where the “posh” apartments have “bought” the river front so you have to run along the “back” of the river. Then its back again to river and round to the Thai Elephant. Then up the road towards “home”.

As I approached the turn for home I ran past a man with two white almost bull dogs. “good morning” I shouted – “Alright” he called back in an East End accent. I guess that in the space of about 40 – 50 years – “good morning my dear” became “alright”….!!!

Quick note about small panic – as I realised that I needed a medical certificate for Paris…could have arranged it MONTHS ago – quick rush to the phone and appointment with the doctor  on Thursday!! Phew !

PS Figured out how to add my Runkeeper activity: have a look!


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  1. Charlie permalink
    April 6, 2011 8:03 pm

    What a great blog

    I’m tapering as I write this e-mail, and practicing my francais

    Bonne chance!

    A bientot


    • April 6, 2011 9:00 pm

      Thank you for your comment Charlie. Will you be there too? Where are you traveling from?

  2. Charlie permalink
    April 14, 2011 4:53 pm

    You are very welcome. I enjoy your writing.

    Yes. I was there. It was a singular experience.

    Really a most wonderful race in a beautiful city.

    It was worth every minute of the long flight from, and to, New York.

    Best to you and yours,


    • April 15, 2011 12:11 pm

      Wow, Charlie – so you were in NY. That a good goal for me. I am thinking closer to home for my second – perhaps Amsterdam…
      thank you for your comment – its a real boost to see that someone reads the drivel I write!!!

      Best wishes

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