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Marathon Recovery

April 16, 2011
This is some serious running

Serious running!

Its now almost a week after the Paris Marathon. I am starting to think about the next one now. Its been rather an odd week. Very little training – in fact none that I could really admit to.

There is nothing wrong with my legs  – its more in my body itself. Feeling tired earlier than usual (in fact I never feel tired so perhaps that’s it). Actually going to bed before midnight – also often not done! So I started to search around for recovery tips. I thought that, as there are so many marathons  – also this w/e (may be London marathon, Boston marathon….) that it may be useful for others. Afterall whole books are written about the preparation and just a few pages on recovery.

So far I see that I have done quite well  – I adopted the following approach:

– After the race  – keep walking!!! Don’t stretch too much as you will tear your muscles.

– let someone else take your chip off – bending down could result in dizziness.

– take a massage – I read that you should wait a few hours – I guess I was about 40 – 60 mins in the queue!

– EAT  and DRINK – I downed a protein shake  – which was one of the functions for Joost 🙂 and continued to drink my Winrgy vitamin/energy drink and then we went for steak and chips with plenty of salt (something that I usually do not add too much of)

– then we walked – we took the metro a few stops away from my friend’s house and enjoyed the peaceful surroundings. It was good to get the blood running round my body.

– My friend provided us with an excellent healthy dinner including oysters (plenty of protein), delicious French dressings, white fish and potatoes. Not only delicious but good nutritionally.

– this week some gentle exercise including a session of walking, jogging, skipping, side skips, arm “windmills” and some sessions in the gym on the bike and stomach exercises. I have been mainly focusing on getting the blood circulating. We always eat plenty of fruit and veg. and,  of course, my usual supplements. I have been conscious – just as before the marathon  – to take in plenty of protein.

– we are treating ourselves to some time at our place in Spain. I am looking forward to walking and jogging along the beach, taking in some SUN!! relaxing and meeting new people.

– We will also use the time for some agenda planning – including the following races!

In the meantime I have found a number of useful sites covering recovery – some of it is quite alarming reading!:

How to be fit

Recovering from Boston

Recover after your race

The 6 step plan

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  1. Charlie permalink
    April 19, 2011 7:41 pm

    My post-race recovery included a bottle of champagne.

    It really did wonders for me.


    • April 24, 2011 8:53 pm

      Ah yes – you know me already – I forgot to put that in the blog – champagne pretty much goes without saying for me!

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