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Social run – full of good tips

July 20, 2011
Amsterdam Marathon

Image by Steffen M. Boelaars via Flickr

My plan was to run for 15 klms at a relaxed tempo. I jogged off out of the house. No RunKeeper as I had had to hard restart my telephone and I just remembered to download Run Keeper but it was taking too long to wait for.  Anyway I was pleased – it would discourage me from racing the RunKeeper!

Ahead of me a saw some familiar backs! I ran a little faster and caught up friends from the Bergse Runners Club (!/BergseRc). They were going to do some interval training round the island (some 5 klms). That sounded like some fun in place of a two hour run on my own.

So we started – they had naturally warmed up – me not so. Henk, our trainer explained that we would run for 3 minutes at a good tempo (I think he said how fast but I forget!) and then have 2 mins rest. Off we went. I ran at the front with one of the lads. In the 2 min rest Henk ran along side. He knows me a bit now and had analysed my previous marathon time.

He started to tell me that I should really focus on regular and slow running. He explained that if I lower my tempo then I should win minutes towards the end of the marathon. I have heard this before but not really listened well – at least not to actually DO it.

He also added – that I should pace myself also in interval training.

The next interval we ran together and this time I was not at the front!

Henk told me that his first marathon was the Rotterdam Marathon when it was RM’s 25th Anniversary. His inspiration was a friend with whom he had run for several years. They had always said that not everyone is built for a marathon – until his friend decided to run a marathon for charity. He succeeded! This encouraged Henk to also run a marathon for the same charity. HE succeeded and in his first marathon he ran some 3h, 53 – his second marathon was some 3h, 36!

OK so I believe that the slow stuff works then!

As we came to the Lama (yes there really is a lama in the village!) I peeled off to continue my long run.  The others continued their interval training back towards the village centre.

As I jogged along I was just thinking about some of the other “wise men” in the club. Then low and behold along came one of them on his bike! I had not seen him for a while so as I jogged along we had a chat. Had I only been running to the end of the road and back (some 10klm altogether) he would have cycled with me. How nice!

I carried on – slooowly – reflecting on all the advice that I had received that morning. Also now encouraging it is to have friends who share so much of their experience and are keen to encourage others to do well.

Monday I had an appointment set with one of the trainers in the club to prepare a new training scheme for the Amsterdam Marathon in October. Curious to see what he would devise!



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