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Wk 2/13 Amsterdam Marathon Training completed!

July 29, 2011
Lead pack of women at 1 hour 42

Flanagan Image by jamescastle via Flickr

After a “rest” weekend – which included some archery in the woods (see video below)!

This week was a step up from last week. Once again 4X running. In between I add in weight training and fitness.

Due to my “life schedule” the running days were 1 day after another – I did as my trainer told me easy/hard/easy hard – I hope I got the runs the right way round!!

First easy was 10 km – at 10 km per hour – on the running machine in the gym – so I missed the stomach exercise class but I DID read a very interesting article in the Dutch Runner’s World about Shalane Flanagan who won the Olympic Bronze medal in 2008 and is the American record holder of 3,000 km, 5,000 km and 10,000 km. She often began too fast and had to REALLY train to begin sooo slowly that the other competitors laughed at her! Now I can relate to that problem:-)


Wednesday was the toughest training: 8 x 1 km at pace of 4,4 km per hour with 2 mins rest in between. Ummm…. how to make sure I did the distance and the pace. My Runkeeper gives me an average time , which is then tricky to judge how the 1 km go as the 2 min rest will mess the average time up…. I decided to set the Runkeeper after my warm up then I would have an idea of how the first km went in terms of speed and then how I could adjust my speed to meet the goal. The distance was easy to solve. In The Netherlands the main roads have markers every 100 m so I just needed to pick the roads that have these markers…

Of I went – nice and slow to start with. Stopped for some warming up. Then – time to go! I “sprinted” past friends in the Bergse Runners Club. The first of the eight was measured with the Runkeeper – then I reached the markers. Wow! it was tough! I managed to even make it quite interesting and found some interesting areas where I had not run before. The markers were not always easy to see as the y were hidden in grass on the opposite side of the road! On the 6th km a duck family and I nearly had a mishap but mum, the three little ones and I survived! The 8th km was tricky as as I came into Nederhorst den Berg the markers disappeared!! I did a bit of counting and estimated the time I began and I think I pretty much got there – take a look for yourself:

The 5km at 11 km per hour was also done on the running machine AND I added in the stomach and back training.

The finale was 24 km at 10 km per hour. To start with it felt REAAALLLY slow to start with. The weather was great. A little cloudy and a slight breeze. I felt nice and relaxed and was breathing easily. I felt so fit – fantastic!

In Nichtevecht (the village on the other side of the River Vecht)  I heard the bell that signals the closure of the road so that the bridge can be raised for a boat to go through. I jogged on round and made a small circuit before crossing the bridge and running towards Vreeland then off I went again.

My storks were in the same field as last week – there SIX of them!

I had a debate with myself – did I need to run to Loenen to make the 24 km. I started  to go down the path. I saw an arrow to Loenen – 3km. Ummm that would be too far BUT it WOULD work for the 26 km that I need to run in two weeks.

I turned back after 1 km – that should do it!

I ran down the path and through the tunnel where we had trained the week before. Still felt good – I COULD feel that I had run for almost two hours. Now for the home stretch. I am not sure what I was thinking of but I was suddenly at the junction for Nederhorst. Short cut along the Vecht? or a longer stretch? I would probably make it along the Vecht but just to be sure… Indeed – I made the 24 km just outside the village! Fantastic – home in just over 25 km. A protein shake and a bath in lavender bath oil… ummmm….

Tomorrow looking forward to chatting with German Silva (2x NY marathon winner 1994 & 1995) and learning how he trains his elite runners.

Archery – I am the small one!









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