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New Shoes!

August 13, 2011

The shoes that I ran Paris in are not only too big for me but will not “last” until the Amsterdam Marathon. Spontaneous as ever, whilst we were in the UK I realised that I had “extra” time between meetings  – or rather it was between our coffee and lunch meeting 🙂

So against the rules of having your old shoes with you (which BTW were carted into central London the day before “just in case” we had time to purchase new shoes), whilst in the car on the way out of Watford, I asked Joost to search to see if there was a  Runners Need shop nearby. Fab! one in Hemel Hempstead.

GPS co-ordinates pressed into phone and of we went! Indeed what an amazing shop! Actually I think that it is a ski resort. RunnersNeed is part of the Snow & Rock Group and this is clearly one of their flagship stores  featuring all the shops – Cycle Surgery included.

We perused the running shoes. There did not seem to be so many but there was a sale on – goody!

Will asked me questions to establish what I needed the shoes for. I also explained that, whilst I run on Asics, I was open for other makes – after all, I had, by chance once bought Asics and now every time I buy new shoes its assumed that I will have Asics again! I apologised for not having my old shoes with me  – which did not seem to matter as he could, if we had a few minutes, perform a gait analysis for me. Details of the gait analysis can be found on the Runners Need website.

I had a choice of 2 shoes. In all honesty I was not confident that I would find the shoes I needed with just two. We also experimented with sizes as I wanted t o go back to 37,5 (English size 4,5), rather than the duck shoes 38!

Will carefully explained what I needed to do on the runner and how he would film my feet – big thrill! So I ran up to 9,3 pace and he asked – is this your usual pace? No way! I exclaimed and took the pace up to just over 10. I ran for some 3 – 4 mins and he asked me to stop.

We looked at the future best selling video together. My feet running in the Saucony W ProGrid Stabil CS2.

We performed the same test in a similar Asics shoe to that which I am currently running in. Absolutely amazing!

With the Saucony my feet were straight and my calves at 45 degrees to my ankles. With the Asics you could see my toes pointing IN- especially in my right foot. The difference was AMAZING and quite thrilling to see! He explained that this has to do with pronation and the Saucony shoes CLEARLY were the ones for me. [Indeed a check of my old shoes and the outer heel is more worn on both shoes, together with, on the right foot the inner toe and on the left foot, the outer toe area].

We checked out size etc. He agreed that 37,5 was good for me. The deal was done! Sadly they were not in the sale – of course! Will did offer me the challenge of finding a cheaper price match – so far I have not found them cheaper…

I have been running on them for this week’s (4/13) training – they really are good and I have NO blisters on arches of my foot (my right foot is a bit of a mess in this area!)!


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