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Wk 7/13 Amsterdam Marathon Training – Running through a waking land!

September 3, 2011

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This week was the first of the following few weeks of VERY tough training (safe for rest week the week after next).

Firstly – how do I fit it all in. We have an extremely busy business and social lives- three hours of running – which was required for the 30 kms – was no mean feat to fit in. Sunday promised church duties, a delicious lunch with Chaine des Rottiseurs friends and then a bible discussion group in the evening.

The solution: up at 05:45 and out of the door as quickly as possible! It was even a little dark so I wore by reflective vest. There were some people messing with boats so I think they were setting up a fishing competition. I ran out of Nederhorst den Berg in the opposite way to my normal route. I trotted off in the direction of Vreeland. I ran past Mr Zadelhoff’s polo farm. I rather thought that there may be some activity here. Even that was still. Just me and the wildlife. Even that was rather sleepy – apart from a rabbit that I disturbed and that ran across my path.

The wind was also not so bad – although as I followed the Vecht, I did notice that it was tougher in certain spots. Temperature was good and there was no rain!

As I trotted on further I found the right rhythm – a little faster than the 10 km so I tempo’ed down a little. Running through Loenen is always like entering a chocolate box. Over the past few weeks it was becoming familiar territory as we had trained with the Bergse Runners Club. At this time in the morning and running in “the other” direction, it looked very different.

Even as I ran past The Nederlander in Vreeland there were few breakfast staff in sight and even fewer guests!

I past a dog walker and we exchanged “goede morgens”. I trotted on.

I could feel the wind in my back – I had chosen the “right” way. Was I cheating?

A little light rain – lovely – just as I was getting warmer and then a gorgeous rainbow. The storks were fewer.

No crazy racing cyclers so early!

As I entered Nigtevecht – more light rain, rather pleasant.

I thought about – a title for my blog – running through the waking land – but there were very few signs of waking!

A little tougher as I rounded a corner and the wind was against me.

As I approached the home straight – I was feeling good. I could feel that I had gone far and was pleased that I only had c. 5 km to go. However I calculated that I needed to add a little “loop” to make the full 30 km. I figured out that I would run the beginning of the big island and then loop back to Lamme via the path across the fields.

Agh! Light rain again. How wrong was i! The rain came bucketing down. All good for the training I kept in my mind. I added the loop on. My RunKeeper decided to remain stuck on 27 km – ummm – I had to believe in myself that I had the distance correctly estimated. I certainly was not standing still!

As I ran towards Lamme across the fields – my feet were SO wet and squishing about in my shoes. It was horrible.

I carried on. Not far to go.

As I approached the centre of the town I heard the church signaling that it was 09:00. This was the time that I needed to be home so that I could bath/loo/hair and make-up oh, plus dress for church and lunch. Luckily Joost and a neighbour of ours were helping me with the church duties (in the old people’s home helping them to the listening service).

RunKeeper came back to life! Just short of 30 km so I ran a little further until I heard the magic “30, nog wat” from the lady in my phone. I charged into the house. Joost held out a ProXtreme protein shake as I came through the door. “Your breakfast is in the oven – get a move on”.

As I sat singing tunefully with the ladies and gents in the Kuijer – I had rather a smug smile….I had certainly done enough for the lunch as well!


The rest of the week’s training went rather well. 10K on my own and a further 10/14 K with the club with quite some tempo in the 10K. Finally the testing interval training of 8 X 1 km at 12,5 – 13,5 km per hour with rest in between. This I did on the running machine. The 5th phase was the toughest – after that I felt confident to latch up the pace.

Next week – 32 km 🙂

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