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Texel Half Marathon

September 28, 2011

What an amazing and very different race – well the start is extremely unique! I was fortunate enough to be invited by the Ambassedeur of the event, German Silva, to run the Texel Half Marathon. Or rather he kindly arranged a place for me. In the end it was Rose that did all the work – many thanks!

Texel is an island to the north of The Netherlands. You get there with a ferry. Joost and I stayed over night thinking that we would get some of the atmosphere of the race. We stayed in a village on the island De Koog (it was a question of get what you can EVERYTHING was full). The main event was happening in the “centre” – Den Burg. So we also drove to Den Burg and apart from meeting helpful people, you would not have known that one of the most famous half marathons was about to be run. everything was SO peaceful.

Even at breakfast the place was really full of folk taking a w/e break!

The race begins on the ferry. The runners from Texel go to the mainland, Den Helder, to pick up runners from the mainland and then come back. The door opens, the ferry sounds the horn and that’s the start. Take a look at the video on the site and the one that Joost made below.

The atmosphere was electric. On the boat we were entertained by a man with an accordion and, by the start 2 ladies drumming Brazilian drum music.

I was in the Elite start box! It was pretty amazing although I did feel a bit weird.

As we started – this was my real test – would I be able to keep my pace down? It felt a bit like running backwards.

The terrain was great! Just about everything – tarmac, sand (ooh that was tough coming off – you see it in my runkeeper profile!), dunes, wood and running through some amazing country side (including the smells) and villages!

I really felt so much in control. I drank Winrgy a bit more frequently – a little every 5 mins, as suggested by one of the US Marathon champions and Sure2Endure before, c. 10 k and then c. 18 k. I managed, as planned to run a little faster in the second 10 k and had enough over for a sprint finish!

It was great – as was the shopping afterwards!

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