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Final Prep Amsterdam Marathon: Sport Medical & Blood test for Micronutrients

October 13, 2011
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I AM still running in preparation for the Amsterdam Marathon. Post Texel one final week completed including 28 km run (a bit of slippage – should have been 32 km but HAD to be away for an appointment…). These last couple of weeks have been terrible – 2X 5 km last week and, just to keep the oil running through, 1 more this week. Was relieved to stand of the scale and find that weight was still 57 kilo and fat percentage 24%.

I was advised by my trainer in the Bergse Runners Club to undertake a sports medical test and a blood test – just to check up – after all this will be my second marathon in a year. The latter I have done almost on an annual basis. Its arranged through the via our company with a US company Spectracell. The importance of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) in relation to sport is detailed on their site.

The Sports Medical I was able to arrange through de Sportartsen Groep in The Netherlands (and my medical insurance paid – how cool is that!). It was pretty intensive with blowing into tubes, heart cardiogram in resting and under stress (cycle like a mad person – seriously to a certain pace with increasing difficulty) and lots of measuring, pinching and weighing.

The results have provided me a great deal of confidence and are as follows:
Blood pressure: 12/70;
Heart Rate: 60 beats per min;
Flat feet 🙂
Below average stability in my trunk (lower core) – for which I have been doing exercises
Height: 155.5 cm; 57.5 kg; 25.4% Fat (normal 30% – ? for running marathons??)
Haemoglobin: 8.5 mmol/l (normal); cholesterol 4.26 mmol/l (normal is lower than 6.5)
No sugar or protein in urine
Good lung function: 3160 ml (115,7% higher than expected) and normal for within 1 second exhaling, 2440 ml (105% higher than expected)
ECG (heart film)  – normal”
Bike test: highest workload: 250 watt = 4.35 watt/kg body weight
Max heart rate: 176 beats /min (expect 5 – 10 hogher for running). After 3 min 135 (test said “good recovery” although trainer advised after marathon longer and slower running to improve on this).

Conclusion was that I am in good condition – good to know!
A little disappointing that the “normal” is not compared to other athletes/runners – would be nice to know I stack against “like bodied” people.

The Micronutrient Blood Test Results arrived just in time and they were fantastic! To see what they actually tested for follow the link.  The headline areas were: B complex vitamins; Amino acids; Metabolites; Fatty acids; D3, A, K2; Minerals; Carbohydrate Metabolism; Antioxidants and Spectrox (TM)  – total antioxidant function. The progress since I have been taking supplements has been amazing:

Deficient Magnesium (vital for proper cell functions, neuromuscular activity, energy metabolism – problems through lack of Mg include heart disease, renal disease, thyroid conditions)
Deficient Total Antioxidant Function

Deficient Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) (needed to metabolise foodstuffs into energy
Magnesium was well over the 34% required reference range
Total Antioxidant Function was over the required 65%

2011 (2010 missed as we went on cruise and not the usual Headoffice Dallas trip):

I think pretty amazing and I am really asking more physically of myself than ever before.

BOTH tests I would thoroughly recommend.

So I am ready – see you at the start in the Olympic Stadium, Amsterdam.

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