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Windy, Wet & Exhilarating – NO TRAINING!

January 5, 2012

As usual I dashed home and made it from Amsterdam within half an hour. My fabulous husband has cooked nassi (a rice dish) for me. I quickly changed, gobbled the dinner, slugged back Winrgy and Sure2Endure and dashed out of the house!

nederhorst den berg

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As usual I was just on time for the training.

As I approached the sports hall where we meet – I could not see anyone – agh! had they already left?

Hoorah! someone also running in that direction.

Just a handful of people.

As there was NO TRAINING that evening!!

It was awful weather so we were pleased that “so many” had turned up to NO TRAINING! Various levels were among the group. We decided to run to the Vecht Bridge and back – its about 10 klm. For those that were not ready for that – they could turn round earlier. I did wonder about how open this route  would be…

Wow it was great! We sailed along. The wind in our back – it is what it must be like to be a gazelle!

We occasionally stopped and picked people up.

Apart from the Nassi pushing on my stomach, I was feeling great – perhaps I should not be so concerned by the Egmond Half on Sunday…

We reached the turning point. As we turned to run back – I was almost knocked sideways by a gust of wind.

It’s so great that Dutch men are enormous. I ran behind them for much of the way. BUT WOW – HORRIBLE – stinging, forceful rain. The wind was excruciating – I was almost parallel!

Then we reached a slightly sheltered spot. What a difference. Then round a bend and FULL ON again! BUT we laughed and chatted. We were in this together! It was fabulous – I think that we actually ran faster. I certainly wanted to get it over with. Then there was a point that it felt so painful but there was no “going back” NO we were going home!

I knew the klm stretch just as you come in to Nederhorst den Berg would be a challenge. Its got to be one of the most boring stretches of road on a good day. It was wicked. The village seemed to be further away. We ran in a sort of train but the wind found its way around to us all. John could not see a thing as his glasses were soaked. In fact we were all soaked.

We came into the village. Dropped behind the boat yard to wait for the others – how peaceful! Out of the wind.

Along they came and we re-grouped. We were all so high it was incredible. the last stretch! Oh, and it had more or less stopped raining.

Home in sight.

It was strip off, put jacket and vest over the Aga to dry. Into the washing machine with the clothes and me into the shower! Ahhh!

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