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Marathon Training – a security threat?

January 22, 2012

A 2 hour training session was scheduled for when I was in London. I relished the time to start pounding the streets and trotting along the Thames again.

The morning dawned and looked like yuk outside. Still all weathers! As I started – with telephone stuffed in a plastic bag and then in my holder – it was actually quite nice. That rather cooling mizzel stuff.

English: The City of London skyline as viewed ...

I just love this view of my favourite city! Image via Wikipedia

The lift at the Greenwich tunnel is still not working. It just means that I have to avoid the poor bike people dragging their bikes up and down the steps. As I trotted through the tunnel going against the flow of folk biking to work (who so no cycling in the tunnel?) – I had such a feeling of freedom. Nothing to do for the next 2 hours except stick to below heart rate 145 and run.

As I reached the other side the rain was turning nastier. In fact it chucked it down as if buckets of water were being emptied over me. Oh well there is only so wet that you can get. I was rather concerned as I thought – poo wet socks and shoes, chaffing from my heart monitor and all sorts of other nasty thoughts.

I was having trouble keeping within the HR and popping up to 150 so I focused on my style. Head held high, body upright, nice easy strides.

The rain seemed incessant – oh well – just over an hour and 40 mins to go.

Then it stopped.

Maybe, just maybe I would dry off…

I seemed to be better at finding and sticking to the Thames. It always seems to be a challenge to me as there Thames Pathway pops down some strange little alleys.

My time was indicating that I was going backwards! Oh well just focus on the HR and forget the pace…

It was so misty that I could hardly see the Canary Wharf Tower on the other side of the river. I certainly could not see our appartment.

Out of the mist sped some police boats. They were going at an alarming speed and then stopped and circled round rather a lot. I guess they have to have some fun. The waves of the Thames bashed along the side of the bank making it sound like the sea.

I trotted along – enjoying the fact that there was virtually no wind and, even though I was wet, I was pretty warm.

A little further alone and I could hardly believe my eyes. Black rafts carrying 8 – 10 men each in two rows were coming up the Thames. They were traveling in an orderly line. They looked like police boats. Or were they military? They kept coming – I must have counted about 10 of them. They THUNDERED up the river towards Greenwich.

I was very tempted to take a picture and call Joost as they were coming his way!

No focus, focus, focus – trot, trot, trot.

I am experimenting with using ProXtreme, a protein shake, during my longer runs. I know that endurance cyclists are also adding this to their programme during their races so it should prevent me from becoming empty. At 1 hour I took some sips. I was also drinking Winrgy at c. 10 min intervals.

This seemed to work well I was feeling very relaxed as I trotted over the Tower Bridge. Running along the back streets is often a challenge due to the cobbles. It did not seem too bad today.

As I continued and hit the Thames again, I saw an enormous helicopter snaking its way and flying low along the Thames. Was I causing that much of a threat?

As I thought, when I looked up the news, this was an exercise for the Olympic Games – how exciting (have self got tickets to the Para’s). Take a look at these reports: BBC Report and some amazing pictures from the Mail.

With all that excitement – my training was rather a calm affair as you will see from the runkeeper profile.

Do contact me if you are planning to run a marathon this year – especially if its Rotterdam or the Slachte Marathon.


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