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My own Groet uit Schoorl half marathon!

February 15, 2012

One of those weekends where everything has to be packed in.

I had booked to run the half marathon in Schoorl and then realised that we had invited friends to Sunday Lunch (something I am introducing to The Netherlands!). Via the website I managed to sell my number within minutes – totally amazing (the chap that ran with my original number completed the half in 1 h 32 – very impressive!)!

Anyway I had to run 21 k before guests arrived for lunch!

It was still dark as I left the house. VERY cold! The first 15 mins were hell on my hands. BUT the ice was melting as the swans and coots found themselves a pool of water at last to swim in.

Swans & Coots swimming in the ice!

I began at as low a HR as I could – really. It was around 145. As I looped round I had run 3 k before I even left Nederhorst den Berg and headed off to Vreeland.

I started to warm up and enjoy it!

I was having to estimate how far to run – I knew that I may need to add a bit on so was calculating where I might need to run.

I met a few dog walkers  – one who was kind enough to tell me that I still had my lamp on. Oh yes, I do not need it on any more. I just hope that he took in the significance of that statement!

As I came back round from Loenen heading in the direction of Vreeland, I passed folk folding themselves out of their car and preparing to ice skate. This would be the last day that they could do this – even so I was pleased to be running and not on the melting ice.

I wished them well and they wished me a good run in return!

Further up was a tractor and various pieces of railings being assembly. I saw something about “at your own risk” – I am guessing an ice skating event!

I looped back through Vreeland – a little further along the Provincieweg and then almost round the village – I needed an extra 1,5 k. Being nosey I was keen to see how De Nederlander – a hotel  and delicious restaurant had turned out as it was being pepped up a few weeks ago.

I could not see that much of a difference, except the blinds were definitely new! People cosily munching their way through breakfast and I had been running for almost 1 hr30 mins!

As I turned to return to Nederhorst den Berg – I realised just how slow I was. By this time my hr was in zone 3 – as required – BUT STILL very slow. In a race I have always been within 2 hours. Not this time in my own race!

I had to add just a little bit more on and I was home in just a little over 21,2 k and 2 hours 10 mins – terrible time! LOVELY warm bath afterwards – although not too much wallowing as Roast beef and Yorkshire pud were calling :[)

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  1. Peter Smits permalink
    February 15, 2012 10:13 pm

    Keertje samen lopen?

    • February 18, 2012 12:51 pm

      Super idee!
      Morgen zal ik 2 h 30 min rond 05:00 doen – wil je mee doen?
      Serious ik heb een strake programma op dit moment – misschien past er iets in – volgende week 3 uur 26 feb…iets voor je OF een stuk gemeenschappelijk zal ook leuk zijn…

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