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Spek glad! VERY VERY Icy!

February 22, 2012
Ice cubes

Ice cubes

My 2,30 h run began at 05:30. This Sunday Joost & I were on the rooster to help the old ladies & gents at the Old People’s home to listen to the Church service. After that we had arranged for friends to come over for Sunday lunch. Given that I needed to be bathed, scrubbed, made up and hair done by 09:00 then I needed to be back home at c. 08:00!!!

The evening before it had poured with rain so I cautiously looked out of the window. Hoorah! I could see stars and a clear sky. Quickly dressed, muesli-ed, Sure2Endure, Winrgy IN and Winrgy bottles plus ProXtreme (protein) to take with me on my belt. It sort of felt like making a pick nick!

Out of the door – run keeper on and off I went. As I exited the village over the lock towards Weesp I felt my feet slide from under me. OoH that was a shock – steady does it. I was aiming for a low heart rate – between 135 and 145 so I HAD to go slowly anyway.

Over the bridge and left towards Nichtevecht. Wow! slippery again! It seemed to be on the “open” road. It was pretty dark as well and, even though I had a lamp, I was concerned about running on the grass verge as there is WATER either side of the road.

As I trotted along towards Nichtevecht HAIL came down on me! Where did that come from? It was such a nice clear morning. Fortunately the hail stopped and I carried on and was enjoying the run. Then, more ice! Really dangerous. I was in Nichtevecht and the street is paved with small bricks patterned in herring-bone. they were lethal. I was almost slowed to a walk. I took small steps and tried to stick to the rough bits. It crossed my mind that there would be traffic and people on the roads soon who would have NO IDEA of how bad the ice was.

As soon as I was out of the village and on safer ground I sent up a tweet – simply – Spek glad – a Dutch expression for very slippery.

It was still dark and the road I was on was narrow and muddy. That seemed to help against the ice. As well as the trees! At a certain point half the road seemed to have disappeared and fallen down a slope – very dangerous for cars.

And quite dangerous for runners as I was nearly blinded by a salt lorry as he thundered by. I hoped that he actually was salting – may be I would survive this run!

I could hear the farmer as I trotted by one of the farms with a milking herd.

The sky was just beginning to turn orangey.

I could hear the birds but not see them.  I wondered where the storks were. Are the still in The Netherlands? Or have they flown off somewhere new.

I was still coming across the occasional ice – but mostly it seemed to have improved. Dog walkers were starting to emerge as I entered Vreeland. I was also calculating the run. I knew I needed to add a little bit on and run towards Loenen. Whilst I am not usually too bothered about running longer  – given the day’s schedule I wanted to be on time.

I trotted off towards Loenen. I thought when Runkeeper tells me that I have done another 5 mins then I turn back. I ran past a walker coming the other way. We exchanges niceties and I very shortly turned round and ran past him again! I ran over the bridge and then back around to the cycle path to come back under the bridge. He, in the meantime had taken a shorter route and popped up from under the bridge! He made a jester to indicate – hah! see I am faster! We laughed and I dived back under the bridge through the streets of Vreeland.

Home route! Along the Vecht and left into Nederhorst. My timing was pretty good  – 4 mins too long!! A quick bath and up and out after the seniors!!

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