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I made it work! and nearly came home with a dog !!

February 26, 2012

I started out at around 07:40 for my 3 hour run. HOW very frustrating. I could NOT get a signal for RunKeeper. I remembered that I had received some weird message on my htc about data. Perhaps it was that. Anyway no going back to wake up and pester Joost now  – I had started and only had 3 hours and a bit to do this in.

The storks are "home" in their nest.

It made for a very good way of keeping my heart rate down. I was still fiddling around with the phone as I left the village. This was SOOOO frustrating – the longest run in this marathon training and I would not be able to capture it for the record. Where were the satellites this morning?

Turned phone completely off. Dumped gmail app. Restarted Runkeeper again. Yes! A signal! Hooray! What a Techo I am!!

Heat rate still under 145 – amazing. But also amazingly slow! Still I had committed to train in this way so I had better do it. I was running the same route as last Sunday. I was amazed at the difference in conditions. I had considered not wearing my jacket as it was pretty warm . It also looked like rain.

It was so still. So far I had only just seen a taxi and even on the Provincieweg there was nothing. I trotted over the bridge and off towards Nichtevecht. It was heart breaking to hear Runkeeper inform me that I had only run 15 mins and less than 3 k. I knew that it had only started about 20 mins into my run and c. 3.5 k.

Whilst slow and boring, the run did seem to be going well. Still  NO-ONE on the way. Ah – a man with a dog. We greeted one another.

Just a little further up and some fishermen. 2 vans and then another car. But that was it. It was now light.

I was approaching the line of houseboats before Vreeland. Two large dogs barked at me and I could hear another one. The two large dogs raced up their garden and barked at me as I ran past. One of them scrabbled along a pile of stones and leaped over the fence. Great! He jumped “playfully” up me. Even greater! I held my arms in close to my body so that he would not think that I was playing. He raced alongside and then ahead. I slowed down and instructed him to go home. He clearly had no intentions of doing this. I thought – right I will ignore him and he will get bored and turn back.

For a while I heard nothing. Then I heard the pat pat pat of his claws on the road. Drat! Still just ignore him. Again the noise stopped. I was now coming into Vreeland so it was some 15 mins that the dog had been with me. Another dog walker, I greeted, a chap carrying a baby also, goede morgen.

Then a chap sitting on a bench and the blasted dog was saying hello to him. “he followed me” I said  – sorry but he is not my dog.

Started to think about the options. Going back was not among them. OK So if he followed me all the way then I would just plop him in the car and take him home. I knew, after all, where he lived.

I started to map out the dangerous places that might involve cars. One was coming up as we would have to cross a busy road to get to Loenen. There is a fence at the end of the village and a very narrow walk around to come up to the road.

I turned to the dog. OK now is the time that you really have to go home OR cross the road safety with me. He did not seem as if he would follow me. “Go home” I instructed. I pointed back. He stayed on the other side of the fence. Great!

I trotted over the road and off towards Loenen.

What did I hear behind me and then see as he chased a cyclist! Damn the blasted dog had followed me. Right now he really was my responsibility. I looked at him. Quite a sweet shaggy large hairy brown thing with brown “what have I wrong” eyes. No collar. occasionally he was quite obedient and ran to the right of me. But he got bored with my pace and ducks and other people’s dogs were much more interesting.

I am sure that I have destroyed my reputation in Loenen for good now!

At the church people were going in for the service. My friend decided that he would hang around. I carried on. Perhaps he would follow, after all he had up to now! Over the little bridge I went. Still no dog. Now he really was far from home. I felt a twang of responsibility to I turned round and went back. There he was trotting around the church. I called and he came after me. We went along together again. A couple of cars came along. He stopped and sat for one and decided to get up and run around for the other. I closed my eyes and then I  thanked the driver.

A caged rabbit caught his attention. He was very excited. I turned back to collected him again. He was still really thinking about that rabbit. He tore off and a lady walking in the other direction tut-tutted at me and muttered something about him going faster than me.

I marvelled at how fast the time had gone as I was over 2 hours now and had been totally distracted by my doggy friend. He had disappeared again. Drat – just as I was thinking that we were going back to Vreeland again so he could perhaps find his own way home rather than me take him.

I turned round again. No dog in sight. I called. Still no dog in sight. Oh well – now he would just have to find his own way home. Knowing dogs that we had when I was young – ours always did…

As I reached the other side of Vreeland I passed two fisherman. One called out and enquired after the dog. Had news travelled so fast?! I called back that I had lost him on this side of the Vecht in Loenen. I started to say where he lived. The man already knew… was that the owner I wondered!!! Anyway it seemed clear that the dog was known to some so should be OK.

I relaxed and made my way home.

It was lovely to see the storks were back on their nest as I left Vreeland and turned towards Nederhorst den Berg.

I was starting to feel tired. Runkeeper was still declaring that I had run 21 k and was that in 2 h 30 – how slow but I also knew that I was nearer to 3 hours and 24k…

Finally reached home. Without dog. Runkeeper declared 2 h 50 mins and 24 k – so I suppose it was really 3 h 10 and 27,5 k – still slow but I had made it and felt reasonably comfortable!

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