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Interval training in the dark!

February 29, 2012

What fun we had this evening! My club training night with the Bergse Runners Club is usually an interval training. The trainers certainly know how to make it varied. This evening was one of those very creative one!

Its made for a very weird Runkeeper profile!

We started with a gentle jog for about 1,5 k and then stopped in a quite road (or was it? cars, vans, bikes, scooters…

In a circle we did some warming up stretching exercises – side, knees rotating, calf stretch with toe pointing up, step forwards and backwards over the fence, arms outstretched rotating and making circles bigger – i.e. the expected stuff. Then we lined up in two lines to run 4 steps touch the ground, another 4 steps and touch the ground. The next set was run 3 steps; then, you guessed it 2 steps and, yes, 1 step – we looked like neanderthals!

Off we jogged again – about  a klm  or two out of the village to a very boring straight piece of road. There each person was given a laminated paper with squares on it. Some of the squares were filled in and some blank. Each blog represented a 2 min at half marathon pace and a blank meant rest. It took a while to sort out exactly what we had to do and I still wonder if some of use actually completed it correctly!

Fun reading this in the dark

In the meantime it was very dark! So reading the cards was also a challenge. It was tremendous fun. As each person had a different schema then you ran with a different set of people every now and then.

As it was dark it was also like an eye test – certainly good for stretching the rods!

Halfway through the training I remembered that I had my Christmas Present Lamp with me. A great time to really have to use it! I thing that quite a few people were envious.

It was a good and challenging training. Even if it did not seem as if we were really pushing hard – the 4 blocks in a row was a challenge !

At the end we shortened the 2 min periods so as not to be there until midnight and jogged back home.



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  1. March 13, 2012 11:03 pm

    neon sunglasses party favors
    RandomRamo Should’ve! Anyway, it was nice meeting you yesterday (:

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