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Vision – how and when is it rewarded?

March 5, 2012

As I was running round the Docklands in London this weekend I could not help but think about all the changes that the area has gone through. I had to complete 3X 20 min with 5 min rests at HR II (for me 145 – 155 ). The previous visit to London had taken us to Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford near to the site of the Olympic Games. With that, the Porsche dealer and new housing going up. The entire area is being rejuvenated. Who would have decided to build the Olympics there? Someone with vision.

As I trotted on round with these thoughts in my head, I spotted the Dome – i.e. the Millenium Dome. It was sleeping – i.e.there were no lights. What a feat of engineering. Yet it was and remains very controversial – albeit that it now seems to have found its place in life with permanent exhibitions, concerts, displays taking place. Now I needed to walk. I walked swiftly towards Billingsgate Market. A very traditional market in among the roads and buildings and rebuilding. I wonder if anybody ever thought that it would be surrounded by all this new modern stuff.

Time to continue on again and I turned into the Docklands with its huge skyscraper like buildings, glistening in the thin sunshine. I ran past some building works with large blue boarded off areas claiming that  you could get somewhere on the Jubilee Line in 6 minutes once this construction was completed – there’s vision!

I marvelled at the construction and how it must have at one time been. How many companies went bust creating this?

I turned right and over the bridge to East India Dock. Its full of restaurants and bistro’s. Prior to them being there these were all warehouses now they are AGAIN creating jobs and contributing to the economy!


It does seem odd to see the old style buildings next the towering Marriott Hotel – still yet more vision. Again, I remember when I was living in London touring around this area in the car  – it was desolate. Now there are not enough hotel rooms for people who want to stay here.

English: Boris Bikes docked at Hyde Park, Lond...

Boris Bikes - Image via Wikipedia

I was looking for the Boris Bikes. This was the vision of the current Lord Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, that more people should be cycling in London (NO! this is not a natural way to keep the population down…). We had seen a marketing trailer with info about how to use them the day before. I had previously spotted the empty racks by Mudschute. It seems that, at last they would be populating The Docklands at last.

They were not yet by the Sheraton hotel. I needed to keep on running – at how many minutes did I need to walk again? I mentally recalculated – ah yes – 45 mins. I down down the steep steps and past the ferry and via the sort of cat walk  – next to an enormous hole in the earth. I wonder what is coming here?

Time of 45 mins. I started to walk. A man with a dog asked if I had a stitch. No just interval training. “oh” he responded, “are you training for the marathon (just about everyone in London seems to be training for the London Marathon)?” “yes” I replied “but not THE marathon, the Rotterdam Marathon”  – I thanked him very much as I could only think that he had said this as I LOOK like a marathon runner!!


I looked across to the South Bank.As you know I have quite often run in that along the Thames on the South Side. There are new buildings and much new work going on there. Again  – people with vision building the future of the South side. I started  to run again.

I had 20 mins left – could I run the entire “circuit in the time? I heard another runner and he came storming by. He turned left to an area that I thought was a dead end. Maybe its not – and they are always changing things. So I followed him – Hah! I was right – dead end! Wr both turned round – grinned  – shouted – I thought that it was !! and he ran on ahead. As I got to the left turn to take me back along the Thames – he had missed this and was off ahead.  I tried pathetically to whistle to him – hopeless. Oh well I guess that he was too focused to spot the sign.

English: The Famous Cutty Sark The Cutty Sark ...

Image via Wikipedia

At last! the Boris bike racks!! I KNEW that I would find them. Almost opposite is the Cutty Sark, on the other side of the river. It is being rebuilt after having been burned. Someone had the vision to repair this beautiful old ship.

I was almost at the end of my run. It felt very good and easy. My heart rate was a little higher in the last 20 min block and I noticed that in the rest period I had gone down below 110 in the first rest and under 120  in the second rest – so it was getting harder. I finished within my allocated time and noticed that I achieved more in this run than at a DI tempo on 70 mins earlier this week.

Later that evening I was sharing my thoughts re the Docklands and vision with my father. He had some wise words – the real visionaries are the first ones, they try to do it and go bust over it. The second stream of people take over the bust company for a song and make a lot of money executing the plan of the visionaries. The third group think that they want a piece of the action so buy out the second people. The latter have achieved much and can sell high. This third set  – also go bust as they paid too much and they can never get enough money out!



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