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New Socks! And Dog and Owner Reunited

March 12, 2012

On Saturday we went to buy my birthday present – new trainers and came home with a new pair of socks and all manner of delicious things from Udi’s Goodies.

I WAS seriously embarrassed when the gentleman who served us in the Runner’s World Shop in Bussum remarked that my socks did not fit At ALL. They are my BEST socks – i.e. the most succesful so far! Never-the-less we were able to order the trainers and so just came out with socks! The do fit and are even the shape of my foot.

At crack of sparrow on Sunday morning (so I could get to church), I donned the socks and other items of clothing, prepared my bottles for my belt – Winrgy and ProXtreme and I started out for my 3 hour run.

My runkeeper worked after a little hiccup to start with – so she kept me on track!

Even though it was 06:30 it was already light. It was rather nice to run the same route that I had almost exactly 2 weeks previous and SEE where I was going.

I was really focused on my heart rate. the name of the game was to keep it at HR I  – i.e. 135 – 145. I started off well and was running at around 140 for a long time.


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It was very quiet. I think I saw about 1 car only all the way until I crossed the bridge over the Vecht.

The road along the way to Nichtevecht was, indeed, as I had though the previous time, in really bad state. It was a wonder that I had not tumbled down the bank into the ditch. Its a wonder that no vehicle has done this (perhaps one has!).

The run was going pretty well. And my HR was very steady I was pleased. I was mentally planning the day. We were to meet some potential business partners of one of our business partners. I was wondering what they would be like and planning how we would introduce them to our business.

My feet were also feeling good. No slippage in the shoes – these socks are good!

There were two stalks on a nest on a chimney. A HUGE rabbit or hare crouched down when he saw me. As it became apparent that I had sussed him he leapt across a ditch, dived under the fence and sprung across the field.

I approached Vreeland and the houseboats with some intrepedation. If you remember I had previously encountered a dog. Not in itself a problem – except the dog followed me all the way to the other side of Loenen. Then I lost him/he lost me.

I could not believe it!

There were the two dogs – including my doggy friend AND the owner. I was so relieved! They had found each other! As I trotted along I turned to the owner and said how pleased I was to see him. I explained how His dog had followed me and that I wanted to bring him back but I lost him in Loenen. I was still running and I turned round to run backwards – “oh” he said – “that explains it – we had to fetch him from Loenen” – how even badder I felt!

The dog started to follow me again! oh no! Luckily I heard the owners whistle and he scampered back – hooray!

For a little while I did feel lonely as I ran along – without the dog – and thought about the previous run – with him.

At 2 hours I was feeling good. I could see that my heart rate was trying to go about 145. I tilted my body up and ran as upright as I could, concentrating on my breathing. This seemed to help control it.

As I came to 2, 15 HR had crept to between 145 – 150. Still I seemed to remember that two weeks ago I had pretty much given up and HR was about 160 at this stage.

At 2,30 HR was jumping between 150 and 161 so I was peeping! I focused as much as I could. It came down a little but it was obvious that it would not be easy, without slowing down even more, to reduce it again.

At 2,45 I was peeping – so at 160 – 163 – but mostly at 160 so this was still better than previously. At this stage, who should come out of the slightly misty curtain – but Mark, my trainer from the Bergse Runners Club. He looked pretty fresh. I wondered how I looked.

According to runkeeper – I now only had 15 mins to go. Could not believe it – as I came into the village, I saw another friend from the Club. He was cycling and waved encouragingly to me. Very busy morning!

I just needed to add a couple of minutes so I trotted round the corner, back and a little way in front of our house. At Last! 3 hours! I trotted back to our house and turned the runkeeper off. My neighbours and a group of friends ran by me as they were just starting their run!

I met our other neighbour, who was on her way to the same church service that I was planning to go to – I still have to bath, dress and make up! I sent Joost out to the service and went for a quick soak in the bath.

We did cause a bit of a stir in church as I (eventually) arrived in the middle of a hymn. My attempts to sneak in at the back were foiled as the back was full! People did wonder why we had arrived separately and were not sitting together! I rather smugly informed then of my 3 hour run 😉



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