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August 19, 2012

So no looming marathon goal at the moment – what does a girl do?

For some time I have said that I want to get my shorter distances faster. What does that really mean? When I started running about 4 years ago, I relatively easily ran 10 km within 50 mins. My fastest time was 46 min something in a local run in Nederhorst den Berg and “registered” time was 2 years ago in the Utrechtse Singelloop of 47 mins and something.

start Utrechtse Singelloop

start Utrechtse Singelloop (Photo credit: helena_is_here)

So 10 km under 45 mins sounds a bit weak.

Except that now I am running longer and slower AND then I started to calculate it. OK – so that’s running constantly (more-or-less) 4,30 mins per km… ummm…

As a preparation to really figuring out the goal and setting the plan I have been including some sprints and longer faster “bits” to my training.

This morning I did a test run – set a stake in the ground – how fast can I run 5 k?

I started at 7 am – ish so that I could get it in before the tropical temperatures and before helping the old ladies to the telephone church service.

I could feel a little of the 40k bike ride we did yesterday on our recumbents. I built in some backwards running that I saw on BBC yesterday, into my warming  up and then it was time to begin the “fast” 5 k.

It started off feeling pretty good and there was a nice breeze so not too hot. After 2 k is was biting and I could feel myself slow. I tried to find a pace where I could settle. I also pictured where the following km would be completed.

No photographs of storks although there were two making a racket on chimneys!

I had to talk to myself at the 3,5 – 4 km stage and figured out where 5 k would be. Whilst the sun was still low enough to have shadow from the hedge it was becoming hotter. I focused on my breathing and getting oxygen into my system. Trying to breathe through my stomach and not high in my chest – was a challenge.

Come on  – it must be the last few meters keep going and at least do some kind of speed!

Boy that felt tough – the first 2 K were c. 4,30 and the last km nearer 5 min / km. And that for 10K – work to do.

I have designed a training scheme also building in “obstacles” such as Paralympics and seminars… deadline 30th September Utrechtse Singelloop – watch this space…Training schema 45 m 10 k

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