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Vision, Focus & Paralympics

September 11, 2012


We had had an amazing day at the ExCel Centre watching the various events of the Paralympics.
The athletes were incredible – they were really focused in their goal and there were many where it was no way that they were not going to win.


I reflected on this as I began my run. Particularly in my thoughts was the performance of Dutch table tennis player, Kelly van Zon. Kelly has a hip displacement and a difference in lengths of her legs. This did not stop her focus. To me she was all the way gold.


Paralympic Movement flag

Paralympic Movement flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My training was a short and sharp one. 50 mins with 8 x 3 mins speed. It does not sound that much and, indeed, was a total of just under 10 Klm. The EIGHT times at speed is the tricky bit. I was in familiar territory on the Isle of Dogs and had also been running almost every day. This training had to be done and I wanted the speed to be AT SPEED.


I focused on where I thought that I would get to in the 3 mins of speed. It was a challenge to get the estimate correct. If I was too short that was also an indication that I was running faster than I thought…


It got more challenging as the run progressed. I just thought about the Paralympians and the vision and focus that they must have in their training and pressed on.


Its also about BELIEF – in yourself to achieve something. This they MUST also have to have.  This is the first time that I have made my training myself – I have to believe that it is a winning formula.


The result of the training was pretty good – faster would be nicer and there is certainly progress!




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