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Make the journey to your (running) goals fun!

September 22, 2012


I had a 90 min training at heart rate D1 on my training scheme. When I am training for a marathon this is not so long. Training for the 10K it’s really a long run. I put it in for two reasons. I want to keep my perspective as I will soon be running “halves” and then next spring a marathon again. PLUS I really want to give my heart a long “restful” workout.


It was also a bit of a head game. Having run 15K in 1 hour and 13 mins the previous Saturday, I knew that I may just run another 15k and then in 1 hour 30 min. I really had to discipline myself to run at the tempo my heart could slowly beat.


As I run I reflected on a super “gezellig” (there is no translation of this Dutch word into English – I guess “nice, friendly” all those words reflect it) evening with a group of women that I had experienced the previous evening. Running round in my head was also the talk that I have been invited to give to said group of ladies at the next evening.


PLUS I still have the great feeling from my 15K run the previous week!


English: Exercise work zones (Fox and Haskell ...

English: Exercise work zones (Fox and Haskell formula between 20 and 70-year-old): red zone (VO2Max), anaerobic, aerobic, weight control and warming up. Français : Zones d’exercice de travail (selon la formule de Fox et Haskell entre 20 ans et 70 ans) : zone rouge (VO2Max), anaérobie, aérobie, perte de poids et échauffement. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


All these thoughts rummaged around together. Then it hit me. What made my run so succesful. How had I achieved goals to date. I had made the JOURNEY fun.


Even the first time that I had run 10K, I had taken part in a race for 7.5 K previous to my 10K run.  With my marathon training there are often races built into the training scheme.


I had done the same with weight loss (I lost 42 kilo’s over a period of 3,5 years – with NO DIET). I NEVER actually set a weight loss goal. Rather fun goals around it – mostly, they turned out to be running goals – such as running 20 minutes in one go and recording the calories burned.


With all these thoughts in my head – the 90 mins passed very quickly and in “no time” (:-)) I was home. I was also distracted from the kms. What DID strike me was that I was actually running c. 20 seconds faster per km than when I was training for my last marathon and running “D1” heart rate (D1 is for me c. 145 beats per min – i.e. a restful heart beat where you are exerting no/little stress on your heart)…





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