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Breakfast Run Utrechtse Singelloop

September 26, 2012

I was not EXACTLY sure where I had to go for the Breakfast Training. It was in Park Lepelenburg, Utrecht. I had visions of a large park so thought that I would easily find it. I set out and at the A2 started to try to find the park on the navigation. Nothing. For some reason I did not have good contact with internet so I called Joost. He had a street name that I was able to find in the navi.

I weaved my round into the centre of Utrecht (I had not quite expected this) and saw to women in running gear. I wound down the window and asked then if, by chance, they were going to the Breakfast Run. Yes they were. Where is it? was my following question. They pointed to the other side of the car – hah! tents and flags etc. I had found it!

It took a while to “lose” the car. Most of the parking was for residents.

As I walked back to the park I saw Bert Eskes, Director of Athletic Point, a running group in Leidsche Rijn that where organising the event. After a short introduction by Aart Stigter, a former Dutch National Champion Marathon runner (he ran in HALF the time that I run them!!!) of Hardloopcentrum Aart Stigter we started the training.

The park was not very large at all. We were about 40 – 50 people and I was really wondering how we would do this. We started the warming up with a few rounds of the park. The we started some warming up exercises. He immediately brought the group together, explaining that it would be busy at the Singelloop Utrecht so we had to get used to negotiating crowds. We jogged criss-cross around, through each other. It made for a good ice breaker and people were already talking to each other.

Warming up with Aart Stigter – tricky leg, knee balancing exercises

We then had to find someone of similar height – and yes, there was someone as small as me! we exchanged names and set to work swinging legs and turning ankles. We also did some “resistance” training as we had to hold our partner back and they had to “run” forward. Another exercise was to hold them back completely and suddenly let them go. I got into a bit of trouble here as, seeing how many people there were, I thought is safer to let my partner go early. Apparently Aart was the one to decide when they would go!

I still wondered when and how we would actually run. By this time I had established that most people were running in the Singelloop. Some for the first time. It was really nice and took me back to MY first Singelloop and MY first 10K as one of my fellow Breakfasters was running her first 10K with the goal of a time under an hour – so me 3 years ago!

Then the real training began. It was all quite simple  – as the most successful things in life – we returned to our partners. No1 ran in one direction fast and no2 in the opposite direction jogging. When we met each other each continued in the same direction but changed the pace to that of the other! We kept this up for 15 mins. As you will see from my Runkeeper – it makes a nice pattern. Even though it was JUST for 15 ins – it felt pretty tough. I was quite relieved when we were called in! My partner & I “high fived” each other – we had really buit up quite a bond running those circuits – I was certainly pleased to see her when I was running the sprints 🙂

Quite a large group gathered for the Breakfast Training

Aart finished off with some stretching and warming down. Then we had breakfast together of currant buns, croissant and rolls.

The relief of the warming down!

It felt a short and sharp preparation for the Singelloop with some super tips and some rather different exercises.  The “hottest” tip – Wear as little clothing as possible on the day of the Singelloop Utrecht. As Aart will be running himself in the National Champions category – I am curious 🙂


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