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Preparing for the Egmond Half Marathon?

January 10, 2013

The first thing that you will need to do is to obtain a start number. If you have not already got one – hurry! There is not much time on the website for the Egmond Half Marathon there are instructions on “overdragen startnummer” tab. Its a good way to get your number AND it’s quite fun chatting to people on the way to this goal.


If you have been following me on FB and/or Runkeeper you will know that I have undertaken a few “adventurous” runs recently.


Egmond is a mix of road work, sand (soft & hard) and running in the down. Oh, and there are some hills as well.


The Sylvestercross is a “cross” over down and through wood. This year the start was through DEEP sand. It seemed to carry in endlessly and I wondered if the whole course would be like this. Fortunately we hit the wood and conditions were surprisingly “unmuddy”! You had to keep an eye out for tree roots, holes in the ground, tree branches and generally people. The last 800 meters or so was back in the sand again! Great training for coming on and off the beach at Egmond.


IMG_2584 sylvestercross 2009

IMG_2584 sylvestercross 2009 (Photo credit: in_case_of)


The new year also brought our own, Bergse Runners Club New Year’s Run. This year it was held in the woods at the Natuurmonumenten s’Graveland. The first round was almost at walking pace as we started all together. It amazing how it quickly thinned out and there were just 3 of us running together. The conditions were, well, “woody”. Quite soft not too muddy and here and there som hilly bits. Super training for the downs.


Sylvestercross was some 8,6 klm and The New Year’s Run was 10-ish klm so I am still a little short on distance.


This morning I took to the Amsterdam Bos – in the dark. Focusing on heart rate I began quite slowly. I built in a few intervals and dared to venture to places that I had not been before (my sense of direction is awful, as you know so this is always risky!). Runkeeper shows some 12,6 klm as I could not find the GPS for a while I probably ran a little over 13 klm. So moving closer to 21!


Are you running in Sunday to? Let me know if you are.




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  1. Gerard Sieben permalink
    January 11, 2013 8:06 pm

    I’m in! Third time in a row and as bad in shape as the previous 2 years since I have a terrible cold. So, will be running at low pace and aiming for 2:10 or something. Would be nice to see you and if not, good luck Sunday!

    • January 11, 2013 8:13 pm

      Hallo Gerard, wat is jouw nummer? Liz is 8013 en ze start in groep 2 oranje. Ze loopt onder de 2 uur, doel 1.55.

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