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The WHY of Running – do you have it?

January 27, 2013

Why do you run? How can I help you with your why?

How can I help you to achieve your running goals?

My reasons for running have changed over the 4 years that I have been running. I have gone through a number of stages. I  can help you achieve your goals, just tell me why you run!

A sprint finish!

A sprint finish!

Here are my reasons for running:

  1. It began as the most efficient (in terms of time vs. calories vs. distance) fitness apparatus in the gym. At this stage I weighed almost  100 kg. Goal: weight loss.
  2. It progressed (painfully)  to running outside – goal was further weight loss and to learn to run at all !
  3. It then became a challenge to run for an hour. Again this started in the gym as it seemed easier to time and measure.
  4. Rather boring to run for an hour on the running band so the goal changed to running for an hour outside.
  5. The running for an hour progressed to running 10 km…and my first race – Utrecht 10 km in September 2009. I always thought it was silly to enter a race that there was little (I remain positive) chance of winning. However – I discovered that you run your OWN race. In fact in amongst the thousands who start there is only 1 competitor J
  6. “Someone” laughed and scoffed as to whether I would also be running the 15 km Zevenheuvelenloop after Utrecht – November 2009. I ran to prove that I could J
  7. A crazy thought entered my head…could I run a half marathon? I could! In fact I shocked running friends who did not know I had entered/could run, by showing up in one of the sponsor tents!!
  8. I joined a running club and wanted to improve my running technique, times distances.
  9. Having progressed from Group 3 to Group  1 the notion of running a marathon entered my head.
  10. Have set the bar at the Paris Marathon in 2010 I am now running to achieve the next challenge – the following Marathon and improve my times/ extend the time to “wall”/ find the crazy marathons and run those…

I loved running the Slachtemarathon last year in Friesland. It was really a trail marathon as we ran through a LOT of mud.

My most craziest marathon to date will be Salcombe Marathon in the UK on the 4th of May:

It includes a lot of tiny, rugged, steep coastal paths, a ferry ride, a pub lunch….

What’s really motivating me know? I see my running goals as parallel to my business goals. You achieve one goal and stretch to the next. You can achieve things that you never imagined you could (I lost 42 kg). As you achieve these things you can set more goals for unimaginable achievements (I wonder how many people actually started from NIL running with the goal of running a marathon?) and see that these too are possible.

As I have gone through all these phases I have taken care to follow training programmes and included nutrition and supplements in the preparation and execution. I would be delighted to share my experiences and help you to achieve your goals.

Are you running:

  • To lose weight?
  • Keep fit?
  • Achieve a distance?
  • For peak performance (mental and physical)?

I would love to hear from you – tell me why you run!


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  1. January 28, 2013 2:50 pm

    Started running to gain fitness and lose some weight. Now it’s the fun, relaxing, meeting other people with the same addiction and to stay fit.
    Looking for a funmarathon? Check out my blog for my latest experience 😉
    Have fun in reaching your goals.

    • February 6, 2013 6:37 pm

      Hoi John, Thank you for your comment. YOur blog is always so lively.
      Did you get a place in Texel this year? I was in at 4 mins past 12 🙂

  2. February 3, 2013 9:36 pm

    Hi Liz, I start2run last year because I want to keep fit, lose weight (just this 2 maybe 4 kg) and peak performance mental and physical. It was fun, because I did this with some friends, we encouraged each other. And I was proud on my progress. I want to start again for the same reasons and you mentioned in your blog, I want results to show up in my business.

    • February 6, 2013 6:40 pm

      Thank you for your comment. What running goals have you set for yourself? I can certainly help you with some tips re weight loss. Where are you running?
      Be good to hear from you again.
      Best wishes

  3. August 1, 2013 8:33 am

    Hello Liz,

    This reaction is a bit late, but i just joined the “hardlopen in Nederland” group on Linkedin.
    In this group i saw this blog.
    I started running end of last year to improve my health/well-being.
    My weight is not really the reason because that is more my bad eating-habits instead of not doing any sports. ( to loose weight it’s “one and the other”, and not “one or the other”)
    So a change of diet is also something that has to be done.
    This year the running comes with ups and downs. But for me it is important to keep the fun-factor in my runs. So improvement is made slowely but safe.
    For the first time i entered a run. It is at the end of this year and is called the “7heuvelenloop”. ( i think you know it already looking at your blog 🙂 )
    With this i entered also the “runtothestart-program”. Set-up by the “atletiekunie”.
    It helpes you to prepare in a group with a trainer. Should be an experience on it’s own because normaly i run by myself. Just enjoying the silence (empty the mind) and beauty of the dutch “polders”.
    In august/september this runtothestart-program starts, and also my own program “stay away from the fridge and pringles”.
    Best wishes,

    • October 13, 2014 7:56 pm

      Now its me who is reacting late! The 7 heuvelloop is one of my favourite runs. You can really lose yourself and the hills are fine as you can mostly see the end of them! Maybe we will run together (with the other thousands of people who are running).

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