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Set your goal and stick to it! Groet uit Schoorl

February 11, 2013

I had entered the 30 k at the Groet uit Schoorl race. Two cars left Nederhorst den Berg on the snowy morning. My target time was to be within 3 hours.

I realised that MOST of my running mates where going to run the half marathon.

I had all the excuses in the world NOT to run 30 k, including that I know that I am not where I want to be in my training scheme. Even when asked – what will you run? I replied with the facts – I had entered the 30 k.

As we started – the switch turned on. YES. I had entered the 30 k so 30 k I would do.

Race strategy and focus in my head. Focus on every 5 k. Take on Winrgy – just a few sips at every 2 K and use the water stations to add the volume at every 5 k. After every 5 k take Sure2Endure.

A small voice on my shoulder whispered the breakdown for the half marathon. NO go away! 15 k = half way.

We seemed to be running back to the finish line. I was curious, the last time that I had run this race the split of the 30 k from the 21 K was in the dunes. We were back in the village.

What a psychological test! The division was IN the village – some 500 m from the end of the 21 k the division for the additional 9 k for the 30 k. I trotted off away from the village. My body was screaming to turn the corner and go over the finish.

I had come to run 30 k and so I would run 30 k.

For the following 2 K the voice whispered – “it’s not too late”, “it’s still quicker if you turn back now” – it was almost a killer!


Schoorl (Photo credit: Dick Sijtsma)

I trotted on. A LOT of people were passing me. NOT encouraging. We had to run a funny “tail” turn round and run back. People were enthusiastically coming the other way. They had a couple more km in their legs and looked great on it!

At 25 k logically I had JUST 5 k to go. NOT far at all!?? I could also hear the commentator bringing everyone in.

The km 25 – 26 seemed endless. I passed someone in pain. “Come on – I feel dreadful too” I encouraged – dribble, run, dribble. As I continued with this strategy I did actually put some pace on 🙂

FINALLY into the village. The last 3 k seemed endless. There was still a chance that I could come in within the 3 hours. I pushed on.

There is was – the Finish. And the time was just in if I kept on going – yesss!!! I made it! I DID come within the 3 hours  – most important of all I – Winning the psychological battle was MUCH more satisfying than the physical one!


When have you been tempted AWAY from your goal?

How have you ensured that you stay on track?

Please comment the more strategies you have the better equipped you are.





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  1. October 10, 2014 7:50 pm

    Thanks for using my photo. That’s exactly what they are made for.
    Stay on track. I’ll be running the 7heuvelen this year (again) but 30k is not for me.

    • October 13, 2014 7:52 pm

      Thank YOU indeed for allowing me to use it. Perhaps I will see you in Nijmegen! Thank you for contacting me.

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