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In the flow… just keep on breathing and running

December 15, 2014

In the flow

Talk about being mesmorised – or “in the flow” whilst running. I would like to share this experience with you, I am currently focusing on my breathing. Some very simple exercises, Before and after running:

– breath in through your nose

– breath out through your nose twice as long as you breathed in

– pause after breathing out

Prior to running do this for about 2 minutes and after for about 5 minutes.

This morning it was the exercise that I did DURING the run that really caught me:

– breath in through your nose

– breath out through your mouth for twice as many counts as breathing in

– pause and repeat for 10 minutes

Its taking me some time to find the right pace (slow)  and discipline myself to stick at it – including the pause. This morning something really surreal occurred. I think that I finally got it! My hearte rate is also a focus during this exercise. I was keeping heart rate at 135 and focusing in the 10 minutes breathing. I breathed in for two paces and out for four. As I continues to do this in the dark and damp (fresh drizzel!) I suddenly “woke up” and wondered where on earth I was!!

You will see on the runkeeper record I actually was totally lost! I could hear the roar of the planes so I knew that I was close to Schiphol – but how close? Luckily I had a lamp with me and was able to find some sign posts indicating where I needed to go to return “home”.

Even in that “panic” I was able to maintain my cool and the running was relaxed. My goal was to run 12 km today. I ran almost 14 km so I had a 2 km diversion! Apart from the dash to catch up with a late start during my training my heart rate remained below 145 beats per minute. For someone who used to train standard at 160 beats per minute – I found this pretty awesome.

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